How to Take Care of Your Aging Car and Keep It Running?

Vehicles are a huge part of everyone’s life. They drive us to our jobs, drive the kids to their schools and all of their activities, and are essential for running all other chores. Without a vehicle, it would be impossible to do the things we need to do with any time left over for things we enjoy.

After the long busy day, it feels great to get in the car and head home for some much-needed relaxation. To keep your vehicle in a good shape, it only takes a bit of initiative by taking your car for maintenance every once in a while.

Check out some of the maintenance tips that can help you keep running your old car.

Change your oil and oil filter often.

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your car engine is to get regular oil changes. Nearly everyone knows how important it is to change the oil and filter on a regular basis, but also don’t forget other fluids and filters. Not doing so can create a lot of problems with the engine over time. You can change your car’s oil by yourself or by taking it to some mechanic.

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If you take it to a garage that changes your oil can also change the filter, but you need to ensure that it gets taken care of one way or another. Make sure to note down the date and mileage after each oil change so you know when your vehicle needs another one. Often times, the place from where you last got your oil change will attach a windshield sticker or email you for a reminder.

Change air filters

Air filters are also important. Your car engine needs to breathe well to run well. If the air filter is clogged, there’s a clear chance of problems down the line. When you change your car’s oil you must check the air filter and always replace it. Air filters are cheap, and easy to replace while a new car is expensive. Consider it low-cost insurance for your car engine.

Inflate Your Tires

Missing this simple step can have a huge disaster including lower gas mileage, possible alignment problems wear on other suspension-based parts and finally, your safety. Remember that changes in temperature can also affect your tire pressure.

Just because you checked the tires a few months ago it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a quick look today to make sure your tires are ready to go. Care for an older car requires frequent checks across the board because there’s a greater chance that something may break or damage.

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Cool the Engine

Think it’s hot outside in the summer? Try sticking your head in the engine compartment. Car motors run at silly-hot temperatures. Using a good coolant and changing it according to directions can add years to your vehicle’s life. Depending on your vehicle type, experts recommend changing coolant every 24,000 – 30,000 miles. While you have the hood open, check your engine hoses regularly.

Make sure that nothing should be dripping or leaking from any hose. By keeping hoses undamaged and the engine cool, you can avoid the ultimate nightmare of a complete engine meltdown followed by a full-on emotional meltdown.

Keep It Clean

Frequent wash and wax of your vehicle keep it sparkling and prevent rusting. It also helps keep up the resale value for the day when you’ll finally sell the vehicle. Also, don’t forget the interior. Catching spills quickly, vacuuming the interior and shampooing carpets cleaning the mats can keep your older car looking like new. If any gauges fail, have them repaired immediately. For someone keeping an older car, checking engine gauges often is the key to successfully keeping it on the road.

Find a Good Mechanic

Similar to visiting a doctor for a yearly checkup, you must also take your car to a qualified mechanic regularly to check out and avoid any potential problems. Remember the key here the longer your older car runs, the longer you can avoid costly car payments.

Paying a few dollars to the right mechanic is a small price to pay to keep your vehicle healthy and running and avoid much more expensive new car costs. By taking good care of your older car, you’ll help your dollars stretch so you can use them for other more important items on your agenda.