An Analysis of Australian’s Automotive Industry

Australia is producing vehicles for many years that is a great source of mobility and independence for communities around Australia. The production of motors is a central source of Australian’s economy. The automotive industry of Australia is using raw materials of aluminum for high value-added things. Steel is also turning into other important things for import to other countries. This raw material comes from the vehicles that completed its life cycle and went for a dismantling process. There are many companies which help to get this raw material. Other companies are helping to convert this raw material into valuable goods.

An Analysis of Australian’s Automotive Industry

Automotive Stand Proudly in Domestic Manufacturing Industry

After getting valuable goods from steel and aluminum for import is another great work of automotive industry that seated it proudly in front of the domestic manufacturing industry. The domestic manufacturers are also leading contributors to Australian’s economy. They work well for the benefits of the country. In collaboration with the automotive industry, national manufacturers are giving several advantages to the country. They are not only using raw material but saving the whole environment from spreading pollution. Because a healthy environment is a big source for taking advantages. This is also providing a comfort zone for people outside the country by importing value-added goods.

Automotive Industry Workforce and Employment

In the automotive industry of Australia, there are several opportunities for people to get employment. The industry has a workforce of more than 400,000 people who employed in motoring. The people in the automotive industry employed directly and indirectly for raising the industry. Because of this employment progress, more than one million vehicles and more than 100,000 motorbikes were sold last year in Australia. The automotive industry is playing an important role in getting rid of unemployment. It is becoming a big resource for the economy day by day because it decreasing unemployment form the country.

The Role of the Automotive Industry in R&D

There is a big role in the automotive industry in the research and development sector. It is also a leading innovation sector by investing a lot in research and development. The industry is playing an important role in safety features for the Australian vehicle taskforce. It is another great source for the growth of environmental technologies by reducing average emissions from the vehicle. It is working on the reduction of emission and it reduced around 15 percent over the past 8 years. The automotive industry is not only working on environmental technologies but also focusing on emission reduction by producing friendlier to the environment vehicle.

It is investing in billions to make the environment clean from any kind of pollution and focusing on the production of vehicles that don’t become the source for any kind of dangerous pollution in the environment. The automotive industry is also adopting advanced and enhanced safety technologies to lead the world in secure advancement in safety technologies. The adoption of Electronic Stability Control is one of a big example of this step which was introduced and launched in Australian’s market. This was primarily launched in Australian industry than any other international market.

Australian Automotive Industry Role in Country’s Economy

The automotive industry in Australia plays an essential and important role in the country’s economy. The automotive industry is driving it strongly by increasing investment and boosting economic development. It not only focusing on industrial activities but providing and offering many benefits to the families of Australian’s motorists. It is also becoming a good source for the economy, for the workforce in the same sector and for those countries which are in good relationships with Australia. It is serving the country’s economy for 70 years and also becoming the best source of providing benefits for the whole country and the people around the country.

The automotive industry includes many other markets such as manufacturers, servicing, transport, importers, transport and logistics. It also includes activities through Australian port and transports hubs. The industry’s production also enhanced and improved the mobility of Australian in the country including domestic, professionals, social and service activities. The annual turnover rises $160 billion within the industry and that is becoming a source of taxation for governments. Therefore, the industry is contributing a lot in country’s benefits by involving in the rise of $10 billion in taxation revenue every year.

Industry’s Contribution to Vehicle Production

The automotive industry of Australia is playing an important role in the development of the country. There is a production of 243,062 vehicles in 2010 in Australia. After this production, 60,000 people employed directly and indirectly through Australian’s manufacturers and through thousands of manufacturers components. The exports of vehicles and components were reached $3.6 billion from 2009 to 2010. The industry invested $798 million for the growth of the industry from 2007 to 2008. This investment includes highly experienced workers, training of people and research activities for vehicles.