Australia’s Automotive Industry Social Challenges

Automotive Industry Social Challenges

The automotive industry of Australia is facing real challenges that are affecting it in many ways. It contains three categories that are:

  1. Macro-economic environment influence
  2. High-level competition in the Australian market
  3. Consumer necessities and standards

These three are the major social challenges that are affecting the automotive industry of Australia. By overcoming these challenges, Australia automobile industry can go to on the way of success.

Macro-Economic Environment Influence

What is basically meant by Macro-economic environment? It is a capability of changing business models successfully and very quickly. The other way is to get opportunities for prospectus knowledge that can be an important aspect of today’s automotive marketer. As with the passage of time, the automotive industry is becoming a commanding strategy worldwide. It is involving in important multinational companies’ capitalization on global economies on a large scale. It is playing a significant role in maximizing production capacity that is an ultimate solution for volume goals for profitability.

Tesla that has a name in the automobile industry is a very big hurdle in a competitive entry. The country like Australia is a very small unit in terms of production in the country that means it has a very small impact on the production of vehicles worldwide. It is a drawback that it has a very small volume market even below than 1 million units per year. So, the difference in volume is a huge impact on geographical economies. China and US are compensating on volume declination that can be a change for the Australian market. In Australia, the margin is more demanding factor than cost recovery.

The other thing that is dependent on the macro-economic environment is how long consumers will try to use a vehicle and stretch its life. All the other things like population trend, fuel prices, and motor vehicle density have a significant impact on local car manufacturing strategies. Car owners need to fully understand the business model with potential data.

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High-Level Competition in the Australian Market

Australia was the most competitive vehicle industry in the world. The Australian automotive market had amazing 64 brands with 240 plate’s name. The major brands like Holden, Nissan, Ford, and Mitsubishi are pulling down the Australian automotive industry down by democratizing the tech features of the upper end of the market. So, they also pushing down their brand power in the country. Another brand Hyundai was also struggling to pull the automotive industry up by contributing the universal values and improving the style of vehicles.

Consumer necessities and standards

The main challenge for the automotive industry is consumer need and values that are increasing and getting high day by day. They demand new technological cars which are easy to handle and easy to drive. New cars are more accessible to more people. For example, in a few years back, typical Holden car cost 45 weeks of an average worker earning while today that cost only 24 weeks. This is all because of the heavy need of consumers. The customers have more necessities nowadays for innovations in vehicles. This is an advantage for manufacturers to be more powerful in increasing the production of new models.

Now a few years back, smart technologies are making its place by replacing the old cars and old technologies. Now the cars are interactive with each other and with the road as well. The new technology vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure is starting its journey with the need of consumers. These technologies are making an effect on the automotive industry in a very positive way. It is an advantage for automotive manufacturers and for consumers as well.

With the increase in consumers, other technologies are also taking a big part in the automotive industry. This is leaving an impact on cars insurance and more intelligent systems. The increasing demand for innovations in the automotive industry resulting in meaningful engagement with these technologies. The driving process is ultimately changing with the increasing demand for self-driving cars.

Some surveys show that Ford had forecast of $800 million in case of the no-deal process. Some other surveys show that 74 percent of automotive manufacturers believe in a no-deal concept that will have a negative impact on the environment. This is also a big challenge for the automotive industry of Australia to survive positively.

Some other social challenges that the automotive industry is facing are zero-emission vehicles for a safe and healthy environment. There is a lot of working is under progress that brands are focusing on a zero-emission vehicle to keep the environment free of pollution.

Another social challenge that is affecting people life is average incomes in different countries. The cost of vehicles should be average so every middle class can afford a comfortable vehicle with some innovations. Because in many countries, the income of people is average that is making difficult for them to get a vehicle for their use. Overcome this issue can also give advantages to automotive manufacturers.

Car Insurance in Australia

Car Insurance In Australia

While buying a car, you keep in mind some main points. Similarly, for car insurance, don’t just keep the price in mind but other factors too. When it comes to buying insurance then you should keep some other important factors in mind that will give you benefits in the future. There are several policies while buying Car Insurance in Australia. While buying insurance, look at the product that when and where this insurance can work out.

For all this, you should need to follow the instructions that are available on the insurance form. While filling insurance form, make sure that all the policy points are read by you carefully. If you are unable to get any point in insurance form then you should ask your insurer for further detail. There are different types of insurance that you need to be aware of. If you buy a car then you should know about the types of insurance.

  • Compulsory third-party/ Mandatory motor vehicle accident personal injury insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Third-party property
  • Third-party fire and theft

Compulsory Third Party

This type of insurance is required by every state. It defends people if they injure while driving. This type of policy will not cover your financial responsibilities. It is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle. Each state has necessarily this insurance in case of accident injuries. Somewhere it is also known as Compulsory third party insurance (CTP) while somewhere it is known as Green Slip. In Victoria, Australia, it is known as a Transport Accident Charge.

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Car Insurance in Australia – All You Need to Know

This type protects you if you are injured while driving including pedestrians or other road users. Every state has different insurance policies and covers different things. You should know that:

  • You must take this type of insurance when you are buying a vehicle in Australia. Somewhere in Australia, it is a part of your registration fee so you don’t need to pay a separate fee. But it is not for all states of Australia.
  • Secondly, you should know this insurance form is necessary for all state in Australia.
  • Make sure you have this insurance form because it is illegal in Australia to drive a vehicle without this insurance form.


This type of vehicle is responsible for covering your own vehicle damage condition and it will also be responsible for other people property in case of any harm. It will cover any damage. In case of theft, it will recover the cost. In case of other risks or legal costs, it will help you.

This will give you peace of mind because it recovers the damage cost of your vehicle or it will help you to replace your vehicle. In case of theft, it will offer you the replacement of your car. It can also help people to recovery collision, heavy damage or weather-related damage. In some state, it also offers the recovery of the third person who is injured or has damaged car by your car in an accident.

You should choose this type of insurance if you have a brand new car and needless work. But if your car need repairmen or you are in a state of unrepaired damage then an insurer will not cover this cost. This is a very competitive insurance type.

Third-Party Property

This type of insurance is not responsible for your cost but will recover the cost of damage to other people property or legal costs. It is a type that covers the damage of other vehicles that are damaged by your car in an accident but it is not responsible for your own car. While choosing this type of insurance then make sure you have a low cost vehicle that doesn’t need much amount for its repair. It may possible that your vehicle is striking to some high-cost vehicle that you cannot even afford its small damage. If you collide with an uninsured car then it may be possible that insurance may cover the cost of damage to your vehicle.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

This type is responsible for other people property. It will offer some add-on for your own vehicle. It will cover your vehicle.

How Will You Select a Policy?

If you are unaware of choosing insurance type then ask your insurer for more detail on it. Some simple question you need to ask from your insurer before selecting any type.

  • What value will be used for my car insurance, market value or agreed value?
  • Will they offer you some additional benefits like a rental vehicle?
  • What type of insurance should I take for my car?
  • If an accident occurs due to my fault then there will be any recovery from the company or not?
  • Should I pay the cost if another person is responsible for the accident?

These all question will somehow clear your mind about which type of insurance you should select for your car.