Common Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make

The experience of buying your car for the first time can be intimidating. You have to think about a lot of things before making the decision like where you should buy from, how to pay and whether that is the one you were searching for.

The first experience is always the learning process and for some people, this experience can cost them thousands of dollars and affect financial stability for years. We have mentioned here a list of car buying common mistakes to help you so you can avoid them and have a successful car buying experience.

Not doing enough research

After buying your house purchasing your car is the second most important purchase you make in your entire life. So make sure you do a little homework before making this move. The internet has made it so much easier you can get access to facts and figures about vehicles, features, prices, and financing.

Other than these also check for the car you are interested in, the reliability of the manufacturer, customer feedback and prepare a list of detailed questions you will want to ask the dealer. It doesn’t make sense to step foot in a dealership without having first researched vehicles and their competitors.

Better to shop around

In your area, there could be dozens of new and used car dealers and they will have multiple cars to choose from. So it is not enough to stop at just the closest dealer or one recommended by friends or social media.

Always visit different dealers in your area there are plenty of sources online, websites and review sites where you can check the reviews and opinions, customer experience, dealer reputation, financing options, special sales, and vehicle stock. Then you can make some phone calls and take out time to visit several dealers. Investing more time in researching and checking will save you extra dollars and help you find the best option.

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Don’t have a proper budget

People normally focus on the monthly payments for the car but are not aware of the hidden costs of owning a car. There are many other expenses such as the cost of gas, insurance, and repairs outside of the warranty. And if you are financing your car then the interest will add up to the principal amount. So you have to calculate all the numbers to make sure the car you select fits in your budget.

The wrong loan can cost you more than savings you will get negotiating on car price. Always try to get the lowest interest rates and stick with loans no longer than 36 months and try to put 20 percent down. The best way to avoid this extra payment is to buy a car with cash.

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Consider both new and used cars

People are excited about their first car and have the thinking to consider only new cars. But new cars are more expensive, suffer from first-year depreciation, and require higher insurance coverage. While used cars are already depreciated, less expensive, and require less insurance.

These days with better manufacturing and maintenance many used cars can be expected to last significantly longer even when they are over 60,000 to 100,000 miles. First-time car buyers can save thousands of dollars buying used cars and benefit from other advantages too.

But still, if you want to buy only a new car then there are many affordable new cars also available. New vehicles have the advantage that they are more reliable and safer than older models. Moreover, you can get a warranty and better fuel efficiency. So you can always make a choice according to your convenience.

Focus on your needs

First-time car buyers often end up buying something they love for their looks, performance, or features but fail to consider their real needs. For instance, a sports car might be fun to drive but is a poor family car and SUV might be nice for the family but too expensive to finance responsibly.

When considering your first car it is important to consider your real needs first then look for extra. Touch screen GPS displays, heated front, and rear seats, cameras everywhere are easy to love which manufacturers add to vehicles today but more important is fuel economy or safety ratings.

Not inspecting the car properly

If you are considering a used car then it is very easy to fall into the trap of buying a car that just looks good and feels good when you test drives it. If you don’t have much knowledge it is better to take a mechanic friend with you or have it inspected by a professional.

You can check if all gauges work, test the heat and AC blowers, the parking brake, turn signals, listen for any odd knocks or noises, and many other things.

Buying a car doesn’t have to be a miserable and stressful experience. Spend most of your time choosing a car you can afford that meets your needs, and you will be happy to drive. Hopefully, these tips will help you in choosing your first car and make your experience much easier.