Australian Women in the Automotive Industry

The participation of Australian women in the automotive industry always remains on the top. Women are always becoming a part of this industry. It was started in the late nineteenth century when they took the freedom to have a bicycle and then they turned their focus to the automobile in 1900. Women involved herself in new technologies. They also worked as drivers and then as a mechanics with a lesser degree. Then they have a strong contribution to the automotive industry in the early modern era. This is true that costs and other hurdles could not restrict her to move forward in making adventures.

Australian Women in the Automotive Industry

After the development of major vehicle manufacturers like Holden and Ford, women started taking part in the production of motors. During World War II, women started mobilization in labor work and then they started working in in the industry. After involving herself in labor work, Australian women contributed to automobile design and engineering that took many years to get in this field.

Now in recent years, the role of women in the automotive industry is on the rise and increasing day by day. You can imagine the role of a woman in the automobile industry that the first automobile, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen was financed by a woman.

Australian Women as Drivers

Women were the parts of this industry when Australian had started to improve the local auto industry in the 1890s. They had developed car clubs by the start of the 20th century. The involvement of women in the automotive industry is inclusive research as drivers.  It was 1904 when a dentist woman drove from Adelaide to Melbourne. She crossed approximately 725 km and she took 8 days to complete this journey. The vehicle she had used was 5hp Beeston Humberette with a full safety dress. She dressed a leather overall, mask, goggles, peaked cap and ear-flaps.

Australian Women as Mechanics

The women as mechanics may be less in numbers but they can lead the industry and can drive the change. The women in this role map out new opportunities in the automotive industry by struggling and working hard.

Here is a big name of ‘Rosie the Riveter’ that was found in the 1940s. It exists in the grey industrial landscape of Melbourne’s southeast. This was a factory which was started by a mother and daughter who were keen to let other girls learn and become mechanics. They have a great business now and working hard to let other women include in this industry.

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First Step in Industry

The Australian first-ever woman was Alice Anderson who was an owner of a garage. It was not only a garage but more than a garage. It has a repair shop in it.  It was a petrol station, chauffeurs and car cleaners, all in one place. It was a start when she opens this garage in 1919. Women in the automotive industry are making a history which no other country is working for. She continued her work and business was very successful even after facing negative response from some other sector. The other factor that was a disturbing point for her was a local conservative who was making gossips but she took a stand and faced every challenge.

So everyone knows that it was not a sudden success of women in the automotive industry of Australia.

Where Women Stand in the automotive Industry Now

Just a few years back, the women strength in the automotive industry was less than 15 percent. In the automotive industry, the people who were working there, in which 130,000 people employed were female workers. Then in 2016, 1.4 percent counted trades workers were women.

Opposing the Trend

This is a modern era of technology in the automobile industry that is growing day by day. In this technological life, the automotive industry is playing an important role especially with the help of women in this industry is making history.

An auto shop is becoming famous that is owned by a woman named Cathy Wood and Jillian Edward since the beginning of 2017. It was mentioned above that they are working very honestly in this industry. According to the owner of this workshop, they are working for women because women had been playing down in the automotive industry for very time. They need to put some marketing skills here so that they can own their automotive business.

Space for Women in the Automotive Industry

A networking group is working to bring women in the automotive industry and struggling to make industry for women a more welcoming place. The group is also working to give male dominance and hosting many events for the success of women in the automotive industry.

The group is also working on organizing different events for women training, providing an opportunity to learn in this industry. Every woman who is working in this industry can sign up with this group. It is a networking group named Women in Automotive (WinA) and playing an important role in bringing women in the automotive industry by applying for any field like marketing, business, mechanics or engineers.