Australian Customers Affection for Imported Cars

After the reduction in vehicle production from major automotive manufacturers, the car imports to Australia for customers is a peace of mind. Australian customers not only preferring car imports into the country but showing great care for this process. There are many advantages for consumers who import a vehicle from different countries to Australia. So, the importation of different vehicles in the country is restricted except in some necessary conditions.

The vehicle importation to Australia is not an easy process that takes time and money as well. There are a proper check and balance on the import from other countries. But still, Australian customers are always willing to import cars from other countries.

Australian Customers Affection for Imported Cars – Car’s Import is A Real Blessing

Many large manufacturers import vehicles who considerably making an investment in research and development to making sure that every new model has minimum safety cautions. They check for safety solution in vehicles that maintain the safest environment for people and other road users. There is a proper check on this import because manufacturers need to take approval for an identification plate. After getting this approval, manufacturers are allowed to import vehicles.

Vehicle’s identification plate approval process can be checked out on Road Vehicle Certification Scheme Website. Some other things that are counted during a vehicle import process will be mentioned here.

How to Check Vehicle Registration to Import

Some companies are approved and known as Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs). They take a responsibility to import a vehicle or a limited range of used vehicle on behalf of a single person. All the registered vehicles are added in the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) database. If anyone wants to know whether a vehicle is registered or not then they should check it on this database.

If a person wants to import a vehicle then they should first check it on SEVS register and if a vehicle is registered then find RAW for this import. It is very easy to find a RAW for car import after getting approval on the SEVS register. But if you don’t find your desired vehicle on SEVS then you can contact to RAW for vehicle import. The RAW will help you to find a vehicle or will apply to add it in SEVS register for its import to the country.

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All the necessary steps for adding your vehicle in SEVS register or finding RAW are available on SEVS website. For SEVS register, you need to fill a form. This first step has a key role in your vehicle import. The vehicle import by RAW is must be checked out for all the modification and maintenance processes to making sure that it has minimum safety requirements.

You need to pay for all these processes to RAW. This is not only for manufacturers who import on large scale but for the individuals also. A single person can also apply for vehicle import to the country. Applying for a vehicle import, you need to provide some details about a car that needs to be imported. Not all the vehicle need to be registered.

Is it Necessary to Get Vehicle Import Approval?

Yes, it is very important to get vehicle approval before its import because, without this vehicle import approval, a vehicle will not be out from customs control by the Australian Border Force (ABF). For getting out your vehicle from ABF, you don’t need to pay all the charges because it is a responsibility of importers to pay all the cost. Make sure that your imported vehicle don’t have asbestos because the importation of such vehicles that have asbestos are not eligible for import into the country in any condition.

Time to Get Vehicle Import Approval

The process is very simple if necessary and supporting documents are not required at the initial stage. But for getting vehicle import approval, all the necessary documents and supporting documents are required for assessment by the related department. All the documents are required to submit within 20 days of receipt that also include lodgment fee. The process may take more time if documents are not completed. It may take more time if further information is needed for further clarification.

Important Steps to Import a Vehicle to Australia

Here are some necessary steps that need to be followed while vehicle import.

  • First of all, you need to conduct a search for a vehicle that needs to be imported. It includes vehicle eligibility, cost, shipping storage, taxes, customs duties, documentation, etc.
  • In the second step, you need to get vehicle import approval by registering with the department after completing a form and paying an application fee of $50.
  • Get Approval
  • Arrange to ship
  • Make sure custom is cleared
  • Then register your vehicle after meeting all the necessary requirements.

For importing a vehicle into the country, there are different steps that need to be followed. Getting vehicle import approval is a single step. The whole process can be simple or tough because it depends on the type of vehicle. Sometimes vehicle import can be so simple but sometime may need to involve many organizations. So it totally depends on the type of vehicle.